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Domestic Companions have been known to humans since the dawn of evolution, from protecting our homes, to help us hunt and much more, our pets help us around even today. From navigating dogs for the blind, sniffer dogs for the bomb squad, K9 unit in police and even cats should get a special mention for being navigating pets and guard animals, they’re no less when it comes to comparison.

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Some breeds of Dogs are known to relieve stress and be empathetic towards patients and babies, improving immune system functions as well (widely used in hospitals that specialize in Psychological rehabilitation).

Birds that have been messengers for centuries and have been known to balance an ecosystem just by existing, these are all examples of our wonderful connection with the fauna around us, “pets”, as we call them today deserve our love and attention for making our lives better.

Why not pamper these beautiful creatures with some toys that can keep them engaged and active, with the contentment that you have showered your beloved pets with care. We at 1Grandtrunk know how important these cuddly pets are, to our customers; visit our site for an easy signup and to know more about how we can help you.

Here is a list of some wonderful and interactive toys that you can offer your cute pets: –

BarkBox Subscription

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A wide variety of surprises that include chewing toys and treats, along with the added benefit of personalization at an affordable rate that you just can’t miss from BarkBox.

Cozy Memory Foam Bed

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Get this orthopedic memory foam bed for your pooch that may have been hurt while exploring the wild or for your old mutt that needs special pet care, a cozy multi-purpose bed from BarkBox.

Elite Pet Bike Carrier / Trailer – Red / Black

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A pet carrier when you’re carrying your lovely companion out for a long walk, or also for resting purposes, by Aosom.

Prosper Pet Tunnel- Collapsible 3 Way Play Toy

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With a wide range of colors to suit your playroom or living space, this plaything is perfect to train your rabbits, cats, dogs, and whatnot, from Prosper Pet.

Felt Catnip Novelty Ham

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Cats are known to sharpen their claws as an instinct. A catnip fake ham just for your cuddly kittens to toy with their claws, from Kicker toys.

Petsafe Drinkwell 360

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Worried that your pets aren’t drinking enough water?, specially designed to encourage drinking built with a water filtration system that can hold up to 128 oz., this highly functioning water bowl makes sure your dogs and cats stay well hydrated, from Petsafe.

Parrot Conure Playground Play gym

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A playpen designed with Swing Bridge, wood climb ladders, perches, and a nest, this is sure to keep your pet bird occupied and comfortable, from QBLEEV.

Pet Cat Furniture

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This is the ultimate activity center for your pet cat, let them scratch this for a change instead of curtains and sofa chairs, from FurHaven.

Folding Woven Grass House

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A burrow like feel that satisfies natural instincts for your pet bunnies, rabbits, guinea pigs or hamsters, those fluffy little pets are sure to love this warm grass house from SunGrow.

Water Proof Pet Blanket

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Waterproof really caught my attention there; get your pet cuties this Warm Microfiber Fleece Blanket that will keep your couch fur-free and dry, guess what? it is machine washable too, from PETMAKER.

1Grandtrunk eases your Pet Care shopping by providing many features that are user-friendly and you can also consolidate your shipping (clubs all your purchases so that it reaches you swiftly in an “all-in-one” package) instead of waiting for several packages. We handle international shipping at an affordable cost in a number of countries, you name it and we got you covered!

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